In instrumentation we are also carrying out Design Engineering, Generation of B.O.Q., Preparation of  Bid documents, Shop Drawing etc., Provide technical manpower in carrying out installation, erection of instruments, trays and cable routing, pneumatic tubing, copper tubing and commissioning of the entire system.


In this we specify basic requirements,

Prepare enquiry specification with basic layout.
Technical review and recommendations.
Prepare layouts.
Review layouts, interfacing, battery limit tie-ins.
Review layout within battery limit.
Design of the system and component equipment.
Related Civil design work.
Follow up with vendor for fulfillment of his warranty.
Prepare of Instrument data sheet, with specifications, make, type, Instrument range connection etc.
Calculation for control valves, safety valves, flow elements etc.
Prepare complete set of engineering drawings including drawings required for erection and for completion of  work, including cable, routing, drawing.
Engineering for total power and earthing system for field instruments.
Checking all interface with all other engineering contractors.

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